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CNC Machining

Prototypes and Production parts, deliveries from 2days

CNC Machining 

Our CNC milling process produces custom prototypes and end-use production parts in as fast as 48 hours. We use 3-axis milling and 5-axis milling machines to manufacture parts from more than 12 engineering-grade plastics and metals and additional finishing options like powder coating, anodizing nickel and chrome plating

Key Benefits:

Instant quotes for up to 10 parts

Lead times from 2 business days

Shipping costs on actuals

Wide range of metals and plastics, various surfaces finishes

Up to 100 microns tolerance

CNC Milling SS304

CNC Milling Delrin
CNC Milling Nylon
CNC 3 axis Industrial plastics
CNC Milling ABS
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