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Injection Molding

High volume production parts in wide range of plastics

High Quality Injection molding

Injection molding is best suited if you are looking for thousands of parts with consistent quality. Electronic enclosures, Medical Devices, Industrial components, Consumer Electronics and Aviation.

Rapid prototype is leveraged at multiple stages before starting the mold making. 

We do injection Molding in PP ( Poly propylene), ABS , Poly Carbonate , Nylon, HDPE and LDPE. We can operate upto 480 tonnes of Injection molding machines.

Key Features:

Single Cavity or Multi Cavity

Fast Turn around Time 

Wide Machine tonnage choice 

Virgin Materials 

Quality Control 

Flexible Cycle time 

No flashes 

Optional Packaging 

Multi cavity injection molding

iMake Injection Molding ABS
iMake Injection Molding ABS
iMake Injection Molding Nylon
iMake Injection Molding 4 cavity
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