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A young growth company with Top-notch team of Design Engineers and cutting edge prototyping machines across 3D Printing , 5 axis Milling, Casting and Laser Cutting.

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Our manufacturing capabilities

CAD , first step to convert your idea to reality


3D Printing

Wide range of 3D printing materials with deliveries as fast as 6 hours


Design Services

Convert your idea to CAD |  Legacy 2D to 3D | 3D to Render | Manufacturing compatible | DFM 


CNC Milling

3 axis or 5 axis | Delrin, Nylon , ABS, PEEK, Aluminium, Steel and Thermocol 


Injection Molding

Small batch injection molding to continuous production | Up to 400 tonnes 


Silicone Molding

Custom Small batch flexible parts or Resin parts production through silicone molding


Reverse Engineering

Legacy parts to be adapted or retrofitted , including through 3d Scanning

Instant, online quotes

Instead of traditional, rules-based quoting, we use machine learning algorithms to compare your CAD to millions of previously manufactured parts and generate a quote instantly.

  • Upload a CAD to start (STEP, STP, IGES, IGS, SLDPRT, 3DM, SAT, STL, OBJ or X_T)
  • Price updates in real-time as you change materials, lead time, etc..
  • No hidden costs. Our instant quotes are not just indications, but the actual price, and include shipping and customs up front.

Our ordering process

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Upload your CAD to our online quoting platform
Confirm specs
Configure your part specifications and select a lead time that suits your schedule
We select the best manufacturer for your order, and production begins immediately
Quality control
We take full responsibility for making sure your parts are manufactured according to our standards

Rapid prototyping

Our platform accelerates prototyping development cycles by reducing pre-­production admin from weeks to minutes:

Our platform is designed to be so intuitive that you can order your parts quickly and efficiently without any assistance. But if you ever need us, we're here to help.


For production orders, we have full-service teams ready to guarantee identical specs on every order for the best unit price:

Manufacturing is about relationships, so we have staff on the ground wherever you are to help make sure everything runs smoothly and on time, every time.


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The iMake Standard

ideas >> reality 

Threads and tolerances

Our manufacturing adheres to industry standards for threads and tolerances.

Finishing & post-processing

We follow requirements for finishing and post-processing based on your requirement.

Quality documentation

We provide quality documentation and traceability as per your requirement.


Our quality management system is ISO 9001 certified.

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